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The Best of the Best Heavy Duty Truck Radiator

It used to be that in the world of over the road, heavy duty radiators they were all created equal. That is to say that they were made of copper and brass. As all manufactures have different philosophies regarding the exact makeup of the radiator, there were some variations, but still the same basic concepts. Then, the engineers of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) were tasked with designing the truck radiators to be lighter, more efficient, and less costly. In their quest to achieve this end, history has shown us that they had come up with some successes as well as failures. The problem is that from an engineering standpoint, probability is centered upon. Meaning no disrespect to the engineers, but what they really need to do is either listen to the person driving the truck or spend some time running down the road themselves.
At Truck Radiators, our 30 years of carefully listening to our customers is what has given us the knowledge and confidence to really look into and assess the design of each radiator. The copper and brass radiators are subject to failure at the solder joints along the sides, the headers, and even the necks. Plus, they are heavier, which adds a burden to fuel consumption as well as being more expensive overall when a replacement is needed. Although the OEM’s have now moved toward radiators made of aluminum with plastic tanks, there has been evidence of specific wear or fit issues.
Truck Radiators has evaluated all of these issues and has taken bold steps in tweaking the design of these radiators by now offering its’ own line of private labeled, aluminum/plastic heavy duty, over the road truck radiators. These cost effective, high quality radiators are in stock for most Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, International, Western Star, and Sterling models and carry a full, two-year warranty. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Call Truck Radiators today to see how we’ve started with good… and then made it great!