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Boxes of Quality and Experience for 35 Years

Ordering products on the internet can be a bit worrisome at times even when you’ve done the research, read through the item description, and sized the picture of your prospective purchase as large as you can view on your monitor. Then, there’s some tension until you finally open the box to see if the product will live up to the portrayal given. This is an even more stressful venture when it comes to over the road, heavy duty radiators because time is always a factor and downtime is not an option. Today, Truck Radiators would like to tell you what you’ll find inside our box – every time.
Recently a customer called regarding his 2010 Peterbilt radiator core with an apparent split tube. After a few questions about the truck, our inside salesperson was able to identify and price the core he needed. Finding that this was all very agreeable to this gentleman, he then stated that he did not have a shop available to re-core his radiator for him. To his surprise and delight, the salesperson informed him that Truck Radiators is also a shop that can do the re-core if he would like to send the radiator in.
Truck Radiators’ repair shop has been in operation since 1978. In those 35 years, two of our service techs have been on the job for more than 25 years each. Also, we have two “young bloods” on staff giving all four techs the benefits of sharing years of hands-on experience, together with new technology and methods. Truck Radiators has also been a long standing member of the International Heat Transfer Association (NARSA). The NARSA Association offers the opportunity to become Heavy-Duty Certified for both the shop itself and for the technicians. This requires a process of application, showing proof of heavy-duty capabilities and experience, as well as testing prior to being approved. Truck Radiators is proud that we have been NARSA Heavy-Duty Certified for many years.
There are many opportunities to purchase over the internet or by telephone for heat exchange parts such as a radiator, charge air cooler, or AC condenser – but, what will you get inside that box when you receive it? If it’s from Truck Radiators you will have 35 years of experience, NARSA Heavy-Duty Certification, courteous and professional sales staff, and a full understanding that downtime is really not an option. So, what happened to our Peterbilt owner? He shipped his radiator to us. Rich, one of our heavy duty techs, pulled a new, high quality core out of the box and put a priority on having the re-core completed as quickly as possible. The customer happily had his radiator back in the truck in a total of 2 ½ days from when he picked up the telephone to give us a call. Not a bad time-frame when you consider two of those days were in shipping!
A box is just a box unless quality and experience is found inside – find yours at Truck Radiators. For more information about the NARSA Association or NARSA Heavy Duty Certification, please see