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Freightliner Heavy Duty Truck Charge Air Cooler WSR-1109-B

Freightliner Heavy Duty Truck Charge Air Cooler WSR-1109-B (44FR5E)
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Freightliner Charge Air Cooler - Heavy Duty Truck
Part Number: WSR-1109-B 
Condition: New

Freightliner FL70 W/ Mercedes-Benz Engine, Cummins ISB Engine

Freighltiner MB70 Business Class W/ Mercedes-Benz Engine, Cummins ISB Engine

Core Height: 25
Core Width: 27 1/4
Core Thickness: 1 5/8
Inlet: 3 1/2 inches
Outlet: 3 1/2 inches
OEM Numbers:

44FR5E, FRT18113-N, FRT18113N, FRT18113R, FRT18113, BTC1109B, BT1109B, 1109B, CAC109B, WSR-1109-B, WSR1109B, SCSI222043, 222043, CA2043, 441151, FRDAC5E, DURFRDAC5E, DHTFR5E, DHT5E, 37415E, SRMFR5E, FLX010210, 17V9773, FL5E, 44011714, SPI44011714, A0516059000, A0516059001, A0516059007, A0516059008, A0516910000, A0516910001, A0516910003, BHT61776, 61776, BHT61996, 61996, BHT62003, 62003, BHT62019, 62019, BHTB0183, B0183, BHTB0184, B0184, BHTB0185, B0185, BHTD5472, D5472, 2AA00079, 2AA00038, 2AA00035, 1SA00178, 1SA00105R, 1SA00102, 6805010701, 6805011001, 1SA00179R, 1SA00102SYS, 1SA00103R, 1SA00103SYS, 1SA001788, 2AA00035CAC, 2AA00084, 6805010301, 6805011101, A05160590001, A0516061001, BHTE2528, BHT80184, BHT61993, 2AA00099, 2AA00001, 1SA00177R, 1SA00192R, BHT79226, C0602, 79225, 1030293, VAB1030293, BHTB80296, 67007, 6805010001, 68050100001, 1SA00103, 1SA00180R, BHTD2348, BHT62009, BHTD5473, D5473, E2528, BHTC0602, D2348, ISA00103R, ISA00105R, ISA001788, ISA00103SYS, ISA00179R, 1SA00102-S, FRDAC5F, 18113, 441151, 1SA00130R, BHT61777, 2AA00039, F0301, HDH010251


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Part Number: WSR-1109-B