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Freightliner / Sterling Radiator - Heavy Duty Truck 8000-04-AP

Freightliner / Sterling Radiator - Heavy Duty Truck 8000-04-AP
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Freightliner / Sterling Radiator - Heavy Duty Truck 8000-04-AP Freightliner / Sterling Radiator - Heavy Duty Truck 8000-04-AP

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Freightliner / Sterling Radiator - Heavy Duty Truck


Part Number: 8000-04-AP
Condition: New

1992 - 2003 Freightliner: FLD D, FL112 N Model

2003 - 2007  M2 MM, 106 Business Class

2004 - 2007 Sterling: L-LT 7500, L-LT 8500

Core Height: 36-1/8" Between the Tanks
Core Width:

26-5/16" Fin Area Only

Core Thickness: 2"
Inlet: 2-1/2" OD  Upper Left 5 7/8"
Outlet: 2-1/2" OD Lower Right - 5 7/8"
Oil Cooler: None
OEM Numbers:

LT1114, 8000-04, 800004, FRE04, 557116A, 8000-04-AP, 800004AP, 8000-04ST, 800004ST, 8004, S8004, SPI20011704, 200020, C2252100, EXO1AH00022, EXO1AH00060, EXO1AH00071, EXO1AH00071R, EXO1AH00080, EXO1AH00080R, EXO3AH00193SP, EXO3AH00134SP, EXO3AH00199SP, ABPN2020011704, 20011704, 437116S, SRK7116, BTC7116, BT7116, 557116, TR9011, SCSI239011, 239011, TR9355, SCSI239355, 239355, TR9455, SCSI239455, 239455, FR41, FR41WF, CTME80493, CVTM80223, CTVTM80223, CVTU80223, CTVTU80223, 11C7536ST, 11C7536, FLX000203, 43002, 376753351, 376761611, 8MK376753351, 310071T, HDC010011, HDC010011PA, RC2373, REA4210003, 0516378000, 0516378001, 0516397000, 0516397001, 0516397002, 0516397003, 0525990000, 0525990002, A0525995000, A0525995002, A0516377001, A0516378000, A0516378001, A0516397000, A0516397001, A0516397002, A0516397003, A0516524000, BHTB6569, B6569, BHTB6817, B6817, BHTB6819, B6819, BHTB7694, B7694, BHTC1673, C1673, BHTC1680, C1680, BHTC7877, C7877, BHTC7880, C7880, BHTF1432, F1432, BHTF1438, F1438, BHTF1444, F1444, BHTG9652, G9652, BHTG9667, G9667, BHTH0134, H0134, H0136, BHTP2038001, P2038001, BHT79669, 79669, EX01AH00022, 1AH00022, EX01AH00060, 1AH00060, EX01AH00071, 1AH00071, EX01AH00080, 1AH00080, EX01AH00071R, 1AH00071R, EX01AH00080R, 1AH00080E, EX03AH00134SP, 3AH00134SP, EX03AH00193SP, 3AH00193SP, EX03AH00199SP, 3AH00199SP, 6805002203, 0516377001, 1AH00080S, 1AH00080R, 9609R, 0516524000, 2AH00080, EX03AH00105ST, 1AH00036R, BHTH0136, C1688, C1724, C2252, C2483, BHTC2481, C2481, BHTC1688, BHTC1724, BHTC2252, BHTC2483


This item is NEW!

Pin & Clip Kit Included

Ready For Installation!

Limited one-year, unlimited mile, Nationwide Warranty.


Part Number: 8000-04-AP

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