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Heavy Duty Strength – Agricultural and Fork Lift Radiators

Whether you call it a forklift truck, pallet truck, fork truck, or a tow motor, the first forklift was introduced by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906 (battery powered) to move luggage at the train station located in Altoona. The two World Wars, like so many other developments in industry, had a direct influence on the evolution of the forklift to advance it to the modern version around 1960 and not much has changed since then.
Similarly, the tractor was designed to have a lot of muscle at a slower pace than say, an over the road truck. Most often they are used in farming or you’ll find them at a construction site. Charles Hart and Charles Parr initially named the machine a “tractor”, which actually means “to pull”, in 1903 when they released their two-cylinder gas engine in Charles City, Iowa. (Not sure if the city was named after Charles and Charles.)
Over the years these powerful pieces of equipment have been helping us to move, store, ready fields for planting or new building and saving many backs by being the strength we need behind us. As a country always on the move, the progress they have afforded us through the years is immeasurable. This tells us of the true value behind these mighty machines.
Truck Radiators is proud to announce its new line of agricultural and forklift radiators. Those difficult to find or dealer only radiators for your John Deere, Agco Allis Chalmers, Massey Ferguson, Ford New Holland, and International tractors are in stock and ready to ship. They are also available for Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Clark, Hyster, Toyota Tiesa (and more) fork lifts. These high quality radiators are offered as the right fit and the right price. Visit us at TruckRadiatorsPA to begin your search for your agricultural or fork lift radiator or, as always, give us call at 1-800-301-3420 to locate it for you.