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No Bluffing When it comes to Excellence in Customer Service – Again and Again

     You hear and read it in advertising all the time; the various ways that different companies say that you can depend on them - only to find they fall far short of your expectations. That’s why at West Side Radiator Works, Home of Truck Radiators, we love to share the stories of our customers to prove there’s no bluffing here when it comes to excellence in customer service.

     On a rainy Monday morning, one of our customers ordered a 6400-58 for an International truck. As is our normal protocol, the order was promptly readied and sent with one of our dedicated drivers for delivery. Just as our driver returned, this same customer called again with an emergency order. One of their customer’s trucks broke down and they needed a radiator to get it back on the road as quickly as possible. Dave, one of the owners of the company placing the order, had asked for an 8000-06-AP. This radiator is standard for a 2004 Sterling Acterra. As it was already 4:30pm, our drivers had completed their routes for the day so we needed to pull another employee to make this delivery. Our hardworking welder, Joseph, decided to take the drive for the greater cause; to satisfy our customer’s needs. This was no simple task as it is approximately a two hour drive one way from our location in Denver, Pennsylvania. Yet Joseph stepped up to make the trip and delivered the emergency part. The next morning the customer called back again stating that something was not right about the radiator he ordered. Our customer service representative, Angie, looked over the order to try to figure out what was wrong and decided that it might be best to start from the beginning. Asking him for the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the truck, she crossed it and found the part he actually needed was an 8000-20-AP radiator. Angie stated that the application on this part is for a 2005 Sterling A95000 and asked him to confirm her findings. As it turns out, even the best of us can have a mix up once in a while. After all, this particular customer deals in heavy duty parts every day and is very knowledgeable! However, being a reputable yet busy company, there are occasions when notes get mixed up, which is just what happened to Dave in this case. Of course the correct part was put on our delivery truck and sent out right away. Just as we stated, West side Radiator, Home of Truck Radiators doesn’t bluff when it comes to standing by our promise of excellence in customer service. Even when it’s needed again and again!