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On the Road or On the SIDE of the Road this Summer?

     The concept is pretty simple; trucks that are moving make money and those stopped on the side of the road overheating are costing money. As the summer months are upon us and temperatures are rising, our question is: How is the cooling system in your truck?

     Visual inspections are a simple and easy way to catch the first signs of trouble to avoid downtime and expensive fixes. One thing really does lead to another; meaning, when a component of your cooling system is fatigued or compromised it increases the burden to the others. That’s why we refer to it as a “system”. So, take a few minutes to look for the early signs of wear, leaks, cracks, or missing and/or flattened fins. Check the lines to ensure that they are free of clogs and be sure that all connections are secure. Debris is definitely a problem to a system that requires airflow to work properly, so blow it out or power wash to clear away the debris accumulated throughout the months of winter and spring.

     When you see a potential problem, resolve them immediately to eliminate the bigger issues that could come from them. At Truck Radiators we are ready to help you with a fully stocked warehouse of complete, heavy duty radiators, charge air coolers, A/C condensers and more. Also in stock with West Side Radiator Works, home of Truck Radiators, is our private line of aluminum-plastic (A/P) radiators which continues to prove itself as a high quality, competitively priced unit. The customer sales and service professionals at Truck Radiators stand ready to take your call, answer all of your questions and ship the replacement parts you need. Don’t wait until your truck is overheating and sitting on the side of the road losing money – we’re only a phone call away!