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A Tribute plus Special Values on International and Freightliner Radiators

Every day drivers climb into their heavy duty, International and Freightliner over the road trucks to complete a job. They’re thinking about whether the load they are entrusted with is secured behind them and about the best route to take to get to their destination. They’re experience braces them for their time on the road knowing what pitfalls may lay ahead and they are ready to meet each one of them head on. Then, they’re thinking about getting back home with their obligation satisfied.
They are also thinking about the truck that works for them to accomplish a safe and successful trip from start to finish. Oftentimes, it’s an International 9100i, 9200i, 9400i, or 9900i truck that they’re depending upon and they know they can after overseeing scheduled maintenance and filling up the fuel tank. Or, it could be a Freightliner Century Columbia or M2 with its 70 years of experience and innovation behind it that creates the feeling of security the driver gets sitting behind the wheel.
Truck Radiators applauds International Navistar and Freightliner truck manufactures for their years of history creating a driving experience that is safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and makes the driver’s job a little easier while running down the road. Now, Truck Radiators would like to offer a special value of just $395 on the heavy duty radiators that help to keep these amazing trucks cool while doing their job. Part numbers included in this offer are 6400-03-PTR-V, 8000-07-PTR-V, and 8000-22-PTR-V with shipping just $25 on local deliveries or $99 beyond local delivery points (established business addresses only). More savings can be found on orders of 3 or more at $350 each and free shipping! See our website for identification of your heavy duty radiator by using a part number or application search. Or, give us a call and our friendly, professional staff will locate it for you.
Why do we love these trucks? Because the manufacturers have dedicated themselves to make the best truck possible just as Truck Radiators strives to supply the best heavy duty parts to keep them at their peak performance. Check out the attached links to find out some things that you may not have known about the truck that keeps you safely running down the road.
History of Freightliner Trucks 70 Years of Innovation:
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