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Very Special Delivery Trucks

At Truck Radiators when we think truck, we’re usually thinking about some pretty big, over the road type trucks – Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack and Freightliners just to name a few. It’s somewhat of an occupational hazard because day in and day out we are working hard to service our many fleet customers and keep their trucks on the road making money where they belong.
But… what about those special delivery trucks? You’ve seen them all around town; FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service, local delivery companies and more. It’s probably a good bet that their drivers are breathing a collective sigh of relief now that the holidays are behind us and some of the pressure is off. Most wouldn’t call them a big truck, unless of course you’re trying to get around them. As difficult as that can be sometimes, we know those drivers are doing their best to be courteous on the road to others. And aren’t we happy to see them when the delivery is for us?!
This unique truck comes with its’ own set of challenges for the radiator and overall engine cooling, however. Think about the many starts, stops, and idle time they endure with the engine temperature going up and down. Unlike a heavy duty over the road truck, they aren’t out on well-kept four lane highways – they’re hitting the back roads full of pot holes and sometimes even without paving subjected to extreme vibration. These trucks are worked hard and put away wet for the night just to start over again the next morning.
The FedEx and UPS Vans have been made by various manufactures over the years. Most commonly, they are built by Freightliner and International-Navistar with their “S” Series M/T. Truck Radiators most definitely carries the heavy duty radiators to keep these special needs delivery trucks working hard on the road to keep our Holiday… maybe even Valentine’s Day wishes coming true when they bring your next special delivery!