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What Makes Truck Radiators Shine? Our Smiles, Of Course!

     You go into a clean, nicely decorated restaurant, get seated at a well-set table, see wonderful dishes passing by as they are being served to other patrons… then your server approaches you with a look of annoyance and says “what do you want?” and your vision of having an excellent dining experience goes right out the window. Customer service has always been what makes Truck Radiators shine in our business. Sure, having great product, inventory on hand, and competitive prices are always important to our customers. But, what good is all of that if the person who is there to help you has no product or industry knowledge and is grouchy toward you? Surely you would be thinking that you’ve called the wrong number.

     Recently, Rufino Garcia from Florida called for a radiator on his 9900 Series, International truck. Angie, one of our customer service specialists, took his information to identify the right radiator for his truck and immediately sent it on its way. Unfortunately, after further inspection he found that his charge air cooler also needed replacing, which Angie quickly shipped out as well and he received them both in time to get his truck back on the road and make his delivery on schedule. During the follow up call to the customer, Mr. Garcia noted how Angie found the parts he needed right away.

     Having the right technology for part look-up is a key feature in this process for all our parts including the radiators, cores, charge air coolers, A/C condensers, and even stainless steel tubes. Rufino Garcia also said that Angie was so pleasant to work with on the telephone and it was clear that he was smiling when he gave her the compliment. Smiles on both ends of the phone are what we strive for with every call that comes into Truck Radiators!